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DMZ to the Sea is a reference guidebook that is a must-have for anyone moving to South Korea. The publication is organized to provide you with everything you need to navigate to, from, and around Korea, with information about the variety of resources on base and at nearby installations for everything from exceptional needs to pets to getting your car registered and much more. 


The Humphreys United Club received the rights to the Seoul Survivor from the former American Forces’ Spouses’ Club of Camp Yongsan, and renamed the publication, DMZ to the Sea. We are honored to continue the legacy of this instrumental guide and hope it will encourage everyone to make the most of their time here in South Korea.

This publication, formerly known as Seoul Survivor, was originally conceived, written, and compiled by Judy Bridenbaugh to ease the frustration experienced by military members and their families when moving to a location, especially one in a foreign country.

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