Humphreys United Club is pleased to offer financial assistance to our community on base through community grants and scholarships. For clubs and organizations seeking financial assistance, our Community Outreach Committee reviews grant applications on a quarterly basis, in August, November, February, and May. The United Club is eager to support community endeavors that will have a substantial impact on the community. Eligible organizations are those that do not receive AF or NAF funding. For questions about eligibility, contact the Community Outreach Chair at


Please download the application form below and send it to




  • The deadline is the 15th of the month prior to the quarterly review. Late requests will be considered at the following quarterly review.

  • Any funds received as a result of this request must be used within 30 days and for the intended purpose as outlined on the request form. Exceptions to the 30-day policy must be requested in writing prior to the deadline.

  • Recipients of Community Outreach Grant funds are required to submit their receipts to the United Club no later than 30 days after the funds have been expended. 

  • Any unused funds must be returned to the United Club immediately.